composition and components

  1. Cap
  2. Nut
  3. Lifter bar
  4. Label
  5. Lug
  6. Bolt
  7. Bridge plate
  8. Sidebar
  9. Cap nut
  10. Casing
  11. R-bridge / hinge
  12. Guidance plate
  13. Gasket
  14. Casing

General technical data

suitable for the water and petrochemical industry
and for other applications

entirely made of stainless steel 304

withstands maximum pressure up to 24 bar

temperature tolerance: -40 °C to 60 °C

maximum pipe gap and repair length:
OX 140: 100 mm
OX 210: 170 mm
OX 280: 240 mm

joining and repair of pipes DN 40 to DN 600 (43 mm to 638 mm)

EPDM rubber seal certified for drinking water

accommodates angular deflections up to 8°

pipe diameter differences:
up to 76 mm: 8 mm
up to 120 mm: 10 mm
up to 600 mm: 10 mm

Innovative sealing profile

The specially developed sealing profile ensures that the rubber is never forced towards the middle. This prevents cavitation and damage to the pipes and guarantees perfect sealing even on rough surfaces.

Repair and joining
of the following pipe materials



Cast iron


Fibre cement



OX provides solutions for a variety of situations:

Joining Joining

Flexible connection Flexible connection

Weld seams Weld seams

Transitions Transitions

Horizontal rupture Horizontal rupture

Damage / cracks Damage / cracks

Replace / install central section Replace / install central section

Vertical rupture Vertical rupture

Rupture due to subsidence Rupture due to subsidence

Angular deflection Angular deflection

Corrosion Corrosion

Rupture due to difference in height Rupture due to difference in height

OX types

OX is available in 3 variants:

OX 140

OX 140

OX 210

OX 210

OX 280

OX 280


OX has been extensively tested and certified.

Rubber seal certificates







Don’t just go.
Go for the flow.

OX is designed as a quick fix for any situation. Using the proper mounting method is just as important as choosing the right tools, so we’re happy to show you how it’s done.

With our expertise and know-how, we will help you getting started with OX. The perfect solution for your application or project.

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