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Easy installation of OX

United Pipeline Products has developed the ultimate repair coupling for the repair and joining of any type of pipeline.

With OX, you have a high quality tool at your fingertips that is quick to install and enables permanent solutions and repairs. Various situations and problems can be remedied in no time. For utility and industrial construction companies, OX is the ideal tool to ensure everything flows as it should.

Multifunctional: one tool for both wide range joining and repairing pipes

High quality: stainless steel, electrolytic zinc plated flanged nuts, deburred and passivated metal parts, made in the Netherlands

Efficient: quick and easy to install with just a wrench, often without releasing pressure on the pipe

Strong: solid construction suitable for working pressures up to 24 bar

Angular deflection up to 8°

Can be used anywhere: for any terrain and situation, no loose parts

OX works on all terrains. High pressure resistant. All-in-one repair and coupling solution. High quality. Certified for water applications.

OX is a stainless steel repair coupling that can be used for both water and gas networks.

OX works on all pipe types: PVC, PE, PP, cast iron, steel, fibre cement, GRP/GRE. With its high pressure class rating and angular deflection compensation, this repair coupling is perfect for applications in hilly surroundings. The OX can accommodate differences in diameter up to 10 mm to enable transitions to new pipe sections made of different materials.

Specs & info

We ensure an optimal flow

OX combines, in an unprecedented way, reliability with multifunctionality. The possibilities are endless, as illustrated by the figures.

With our expertise and know-how, we will help you getting started with OX. The perfect solution for your application or project.

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